Increase your reach & conversions

TrafficFactory’s Bid-for-Performance platform allows advertisers to target millions of web, mobile, and tablet users.

Real- time bidding allows advertisers to control both the price they pay for traffic and the total amount of traffic their site(s) attract.

To further enhance the advertiser's control, we offer the ability to add a daily maximum spend and a total maximum spend per campaign.

High Performance Targeting

Geo-Targeting - TrafficFactory generates over one Billion ad impressions worldwide daily.

With only four banner locations and one pop under, we are able to generate the highest quality traffic on the internet today.

Due to this high volume of top-tier traffic, it is necessary to distinguish traffic by geo-location, giving advertisers the opportunity to target only the traffic that’s best for them.

Many Channels to Choose From

We offer advertisers the capability to choose from an assortment of potential channels, ensuring advertisers work through the most relevant channels  for their given product/service, meeting the specific needs for their business.

Decide when your campaign starts and ends

Our advertisers come from all over the world, so it's only natural that we came up with dayparting, a feature that allows you to set the start time and end time of your advertising campaigns each day! This unique feature allows advertisers to determine the parameters of their campaign, and increases the likelihood of advertisers getting the best traffic suited for their needs, during the optimal hours they want.

Customizable Platform

TrafficFactory’s Self Managing Platform allows clients to login and view the real-time statistics for their ad campaign. These stats are available hourly, daily, monthly, by campaign, by banner, and in CSV format. In addition, it provides an opportunity for admin to determine and pre-set the preferred language and view statistics in their own time zone.